Boost Photo and Art Sales with Augmented Reality

Your revenue increases with the number and size of the images your customer purchases. Unfortunately, the barriers to purchasing large photos or art that face many customers include:

• how will it appear on my wall with existing furnishings and pictures

• how can many pictures be displayed effectively in my space

On iPhone and iPad, built-in apps, such as Safari, Messages, Mail, News, Files, and Notes, use Quick Look to display USDZ files of virtual objects in 3D or AR. Macs use Quick Look to display these files in 3D.

The app Wall Gallery Designer on the Apple AppStore allows you to create USDZ files framed pictures and galleries. It will quickly and easily share the USDZ files directly to clients via Mail, Message, or even AirDrop.

To see how this works, tap an image on an iPad or iPhone to open a sample created with Wall Gallery Designer and display it on your walls.

Adding AR Quick Look capabilities to your own website is simple. It takes a single line of HTML like this on your web page:

<a href="usdz-web-address#allowsContentScaling=0” rel="ar"><img src="jpeg-image-web-address" width="200"/></a>

On a site like SmugMug which does not upload USDZ files but does allow clicks on images to link to an external website, link the image on the SmugMug site that represents the USDZ file to the web address of the USDZ file on an external website.

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