Cluttered, Conventional, or Creative

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Beautifully creative galleries are the result of careful design and planning. 

It's easy to take a collection of framed pictures and toss a gallery on a wall like the cluttered gallery shown on the left. It has a mixture of frame colors, mat colors, and framed styles. The bright yellow frame dominates the gallery and yanks the eye away from the picture its picture. 

The easy and conventional way to avoid clutter is to make frames the same style and color to complement the dominant furnishing. In the conventional image above, the frames complement the dark-cherry furnishings while the mats pick up the green in the pictures and floral arrangement. The gallery is also staid and formal, not fresh and lively.

Conventional galleries are safe, but it is also worthwhile to seek more creative options. For example, can the gallery tie into the pink floral arrangement on the chest as well? The creative gallery above ties the green foliage to the green frames and the green mat while also tieing the pink flowers to the pink mats to create a very different look.

You may already imagine better choices you would like to explore. Unfortunately, framing pictures is expensive and for most of us, visualizing how different styles and colors might work in a gallery is risky.

Fortunately, apps like Wall Gallery Designer allow a rapid selection of framing styles, materials, and colors to quickly create galleries that are visualized with augmented reality on iPhone and iPad. The galleries above are from scenes created via Wall Gallery Designer.

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