Mt Hood and Hood River Valley - George Purvis Photography
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Sunset Erupts on Mt. Hood

Foreshadowing a frightening future event when Hood - like its sister volcano Mt. St. Helens - reawakens, the setting sun reflects off wind-driven snow on Mt. Hood's north side, May 5, 2007.
Mt. Hood is a dormant volcano 50 miles east of Portland, Oregon where it is located on the Pacific rim of file. This view is from the east side about 5 miles south of the I-84 and OR 35 exit for Hood River.
The sun is not in the image. It is far to the right and north of the mountain. This unusual sunset event is a fortunate combination of a storm on Hood, cloud formation over Hood, clouds farther to the west and the sun setting at exactly the right angle north of Hood.
It had been cloudy that evening, but I decided to see if I could get a shot of Hood before the end of the day anyway. I was amazed by the view, jumped from my car grabbing the tripod and starting to shoot with out checking exposure or focus. Fortunately, the event lasted long enough for me to slow down, get composed and take a couple of dozen images. I've never seen a more dramatic natural event.