The Columbia River Gorge - George Purvis Photography
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The pink Vista

Vista House on Crown Point in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, is illuminated by the pink sky of a cloud-hidden morning sunrise. Sunrise began at 5:35 am. This photograph from the Women's Forum overlook off the Historic Columbia River Highway was taken at 5:41 am, 7 minutes after astronomical sunrise.

It benefits from the soft pink and peach color in the cloud breaks outside of the frame. Notice how Vista House rhymes the shape of Beacon Rock behind it on the Washington side of the Columbia River. While the Columbia is an obvious line leading to Vista House, there is also a leading S-curve starting in the lower righthand corner with the forested cliff and leading to Vista House and then the vashing point of the Coumbia. Finally, folding the image on a diagonal along the Columbia reveals a rough symmetry between the Oregon and Washington sides of the Columbia that includes the Vista House and Beacon Rock similarity. Rotating the image upside down also suggests a rough symmetry. This image was captured on July 14th, 2012.