The Dalles - George Purvis Photography
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The Gorge from aplenglow on Mt Adams to a total eclipse of the harvest moon

Beneath Mt Adams' alpenglow, people on Rowena Crest excitedly scanned the east hoping to be the first to see the harvest moon rise from the walls of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenica Area into a total eclipse.

In a single sweeping view across space and time, this extreme panorama tells the story of the viewing from the alpenglow on Mt Adams, the filled parking loop on Rowena Crest, the town of Lyle Washington, the Columbia river, the walls of the Gorge, interstate 84, Washington 14, the town of Dallesport in the extreme east and finally the sequence of the rising moon and the full lunar eclipse from 7:10 to 8:02 pm.

The start of moonrise was obscured by a compination of sunset light and atmospheric moisture. It was difficult to see both at the time and in this panorama. If you are able to zoom in, you should be able to see the faint outlines of moonrise start.

On a technical note, the panorama is composed of 11 vertical frames shot at 80mm plus another dozen shots of the rising moon many of which were shot at 400mm and then scaled to 80mm size. The final image was 32,314x7,286 pixels in size.