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More in "Wall Gallery Designer"

The full app includes these abilities:

  • Sift through color choices faster with Color Triage™
  • Use Viewpoint Snapshots™ to design the layout in your office and away from the gallery.
  • Realistic reflections
  • Shadows
  • Pinch and drag to resize or crop pictures inside mat windows
  • Double matting via overmats
  • Manage walls in scenes and scenes in galleries
  • More than one wall in a scene to form corners, pillars and partitions
  • Bevel colors including cream, white, black, aged for mats and overmats
  • Gallery and scene archiving for sharing work and backup
  • Bottom weighted mats
  • More frame face profiles including bevel, curve, flat, flute, reed, reverse slope, reverse step, round, slope, step, triangle
  • More frame face surfaces including fine wood, gloss, metal, oak, rough wood, smooth
  • Mat and overmat surfaces including burlap, canvas, rough, smooth
  • Many more standard colors:
    • 23 more mat colors,
    • 33 more overmat colors,
    • 14 more frame colors and
    • 6 more wall colors
  • Plus thousands of non standard colors via color pickers
  • Color picker can pick color from a scene tap
  • And much more...

The app that's worth $100 but priced much less

Professionally framing a single picture can cost hundreds of dollars. Framing cost alone makes exhaustive exploration of gallery composition, color and size possibilities with real framed pictures prohibitive and creativity limiting. If you want an awesome and unique gallery, the app would be worth it even at $100.

Professional interior designers and photographers will also find the app a valuable tool for expanding their sales and worth way more than its price.

For example, portrait photographers interested in selling many large prints will find the ability to display a framed gallery of family portraits on walls in the family home are apt to sell more large framed prints. Because the Wall Gallery Designer allows immediate changes, the family can be engaged in adjusting the gallery to match their preferences. A family that participates in the gallery design in their own home will value the result much more than a stack of prints.


I've created Wall Gallery Designer Lite to give you a sample of the full app Wall Gallery Designer at a very low price.

Your purchase of the full Wall Gallery Designer means you'll have full access with every update and new feature included.

Tap the button below to download the app from the App Store.

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