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Wall Gallery Designer


With Wall Gallery Designer, photographers, interior designers, artists, curators, art sellers, framers, homemakers and other creatives design art displays for walls, galleries, homes, businesses and outdoor art shows.

Wall Gallery Designer uses augmented reality to create and display arranged pictures on the screen anywhere, even outdoors with only a few minutes work. With a few taps, pictures are quickly rearranged, frame sizes, colors and material can be switched, and mat styles, colors and window sizes can be changed.

Each arrangement is a scene within a gallery. Instantly switch scenes within a gallery to compare different designs. Create separate galleries for different clients or locations.

Wall Gallery Designer helps you answer these questions:

  • How big should I have my photo printed for display on my wall?
  • What is the best color mat for my frame and photo that fits the colors of my room?
  • Would a narrow or wide frame face look better with my furniture?
  • Where should I hang the framed picture?
  • Should the colors in my photo be tuned to work better with my decor?
  • How should I arrange my art collection on a wall?
  • How do I organize my design ideas and share them with others?
  • How can I create a portfolio of wall gallery designs that I can display anywhere?
  • What if the wall were a different color?
  • Do framed pictures on an adjacent wall enhance my photo?
  • How do I share my framed pictures with others on their wall?

Your photo library likely contains thousands of photos. Buried inside that library are photographic gems that are as worthy of hanging in your home or office as any art you might buy.

Use photos from your own Photos or Lightroom library with augmented reality to find the best stock frames, mats and print sizes for art on your walls in your room and in your colors before you purchase framing.

If you love decorating, you know that millions of mat and frame combinations can be created from frames and mats that are stocked in stores. You also know that frames and sizes chosen in bad lighting in a store, instead of on the wall where the framed picture will hang, frequently clash with room decor.

Even for do-it-yourself framers, the cost of frames, mats and prints for a gallery easily ranges into the hundreds of dollars. Because printing and framing is expensive, making good choices saves you time, money and stress. Wall Gallery Designer allows you to explore possible framing and arrangements in the place where the pictures will be displayed. As a result, you are more likely to choose excellent print sizes, mats and frames with less hassle, saving you time, money and stress.

In Wall Gallery Designer, you choose the colors and sizes of the mats and frames from common ones similar to those stocked in stores in the United States.

Using app settings, you can also choose to "hang" pictures without mats and frames to visualize how float, frameless, canvas, glass or metal pictures might display on your wall in standard size windows. When you are considering art already in stock frame sizes, add its photo to your camera roll and let the app show you how it might look on your wall.

Wall Gallery Designer is an augmented reality app for iPhone® 6s and later as well as any ARKit compatible iPad® that uses the A9 chip or better. Using your phone's camera, it takes photos from your Photo Library and frames them in virtual picture frames on the wall that you can move and change.

Tap to see a framed picture on your wall now with AR Quick Look on iPhone or iPad:

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