Using with Photos and Lightroom


You can transfer upto 9 pictures at a time from Photos, Lightroom and similar apps to Wall Gallery Designer Lite with their Share buttons. The transferred pictures are framed and added to a grid centered on a wall in the current scene.

When there is only one wall in a scene, the grid of pictures is added to that wall. When there are two or more walls present in the current scene, but only one wall is selected, the selected wall receives the shared framed pictures. Otherwise, a dialog appears and you choose the wall.

The added frames are in landscape orientation and sized to fit the grid on the wall. Their mat windows are sized to the standard for the frame window size. The frame and mat are a basic white style unless there are frames already present on the chosen wall. In that case, the frames and mats are in the style of one of the existing framed pictures.

To quickly switch pictures around, a pair of pictures then tap the Swap pair in the Meshing gears menu.

The first share from an app

The first time you share to Wall Gallery Designer Lite from another app, you must add Wall Gallery Designer Lite to the app's share sheet. To do so:

  • Tap the Share button in the app. It's the box with the arrow pointing upwards out of the box.
  • Tap the More button. It's the one with the three horizontal dots (•••).
  • The activities dialog with a list of apps that can be shared to appears.
  • Turn the switch to the right of Wall Gallery Designer Lite to the on position (green).
  • Tap the Done button in the upper right corner.
  • The Wall Gallery Designer Lite icon is now present on the app's share sheet. Tap it to share to Wall Gallery Designer Lite.


When starting a new empty gallery using pictures from Photos or Lightroom,

  • First, open Wall Gallery Designer Lite.
  • Switch to managing galleries (, and ).
  • Tap and then tap New gallery.
  • Switch to Photos or Lightroom.
  • Select upto nine pictures you want in the gallery.
  • Tap the Share button. The share sheet appears.
  • Tap the Wall Gallery Designer Lite icon.
  • A dialog appears with a Post button. Tap Post
  • Switch back to Wall Gallery Designer Lite. Framed pictures are loaded and augmented reality readjusts to the scene.

At the end of the share process, the loaded pictures are all selected. Any other pictures are not selected. Drag the entire selected set by pressing on one selecting picture and dragging it. Remember, you can undo changes you make, so experiment freely.

Pictures in the wrong place? Swap 'em

To swap two framed pictures, tap the first frame then two-finger tap the second. With two selected, tap Swap pair on the Meshing gears pop-up menu.

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